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My First Appointment

My First Appointment

After researching what seemed like hundreds of different diets, I decided the best option for me was finding the one that had healthy food choices that I could live with. I finally found MiraVita while visiting my doctor at DeRosa Medical office. After meeting with my Transformation Specialist, Patrici O’Cheltree, I chose the Melt-Off Program as the plan for me. With her guidance and following the Low Glycemic Diet Plan, I am now and eating a diet consisting of very lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and LOTS of water. Patrici also helped to educate me on what a healthy portion was and that it is okay to be hungry every now and then. Once I got my brain engaged, the rest became easier (note that I didn’t say “easy”!).

Being the analytical type, I chose to utilize expert advice and technology tools to help me lose the weight so that I can Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control as I progress through this journey:

My doctor gave me her professional advice on best plan for me

Listened and followed my Transformation Specialist’s instructions and advice

Finally use the weight tracking app that came with my smart scale

Pay attention to my TWO activity trackers (really, I have two! – a FitBit and my AppleWatch)

Instead of shopping and surfing, finally put the internet to good use for locating healthy recipes

Next time: What are “Healthy Food Options”?

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