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Before MiraVita

AfterWhile I haven’t reached my goal weight yet, but at nearly 70 lbs lighter, I am confident I will lose the last 30 lbs over the next few months. It took me a long time to put the weight on and it takes time to take the weight off too! 

My wish is that I have giving you food for thought and possibly some motivation to get started on your own healthy living journey.

Now, get out there and get ‘er done!

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What are “Healthy Food Options”? – Annette Klenklen Transformation

Healthy Heart FoodOne of the hardest parts of any diet is finding foods that you enjoy, and having enough variety so that you don’t become bored with the food you are eating. I hate taking my lunch to work and prefer eating at our appropriately named “Healthy Living Café”.

I discovered that you can have really good food every day and it doesn’t have to come from the salad bar. It is just a matter of choosing wisely and not being afraid to ask questions. I stick to a very basic guideline for selecting the foods when I eat out– select ones that are closer to nature and avoid processed foods and refined carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, crackers and sweets.

Here are some examples of healthy food options you can make if you just look and ask:

Mexican Protein Bowl – make it a true protein bowl with no beans, rice or fried tortilla bowls and add lots of lettuce, tomatoes and salsa

Buffalo Chicken Wrap – add extra lettuce, tomatoes, onions grilled chicken with half scoop of Buffalo sauce only, no wrap, no chips or fries and select a fruit instead

Noodle Bowl – instead of noodles, I ask for shredded cabbage instead and load up on vegetables and then make it spicy to add more flavors!

Friday Fish Fry –  I select the baked fish and vegetables over anything fried and use lemon instead of tartar sauce

Extra Tips for Healthier Options

Ask the chef or server to customize your dish by increasing the vegetables and cut back or eliminate any refined carbohydrates.

Ask how the sauces were prepared, and skip them if they contain sugar and/or gluten.

Finally, don’t forget to drink plenty of water!  Your body needs to be hydrated and drinking water helps to purge your body of toxins that could be stopping you from losing weight. 

Next time: Almost There!

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The Healthy Me Project – Annette Klenklen Transformation

My First Appointment

My First Appointment

After researching what seemed like hundreds of different diets, I decided the best option for me was finding the one that had healthy food choices that I could live with. I finally found MiraVita while visiting my doctor at DeRosa Medical office. After meeting with my Transformation Specialist, Patrici O’Cheltree, I chose the Melt-Off Program as the plan for me. With her guidance and following the Low Glycemic Diet Plan, I am now and eating a diet consisting of very lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and LOTS of water. Patrici also helped to educate me on what a healthy portion was and that it is okay to be hungry every now and then. Once I got my brain engaged, the rest became easier (note that I didn’t say “easy”!).

Being the analytical type, I chose to utilize expert advice and technology tools to help me lose the weight so that I can Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control as I progress through this journey:

My doctor gave me her professional advice on best plan for me

Listened and followed my Transformation Specialist’s instructions and advice

Finally use the weight tracking app that came with my smart scale

Pay attention to my TWO activity trackers (really, I have two! – a FitBit and my AppleWatch)

Instead of shopping and surfing, finally put the internet to good use for locating healthy recipes

Next time: What are “Healthy Food Options”?

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How Did I Get Here? – Annette Klenklen Transformation

Annette KlenkenHave you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and find someone looking back at you that you didn’t recognize? You check around to see if someone was playing a practical joke on you? Then, you slowly realize you are looking at yourself?

That happened to me, I was looking at my reflection and saw a person who slightly resembled me but was nearly 100 lbs overweight. My inner radio station kicked in and played the Talking Heads lyrics “And you may ask yourself – Well, how did I get here?”

Instead of jumping into action and do something about my weight, I actually started to defend myself with excuses:

“I had surgeries not long ago, how can I exercise when I can barely walk?”

“I can’t exercise, it’s too painful!”

“I have to care for my family members and too busy”

“I’m not as young as I used to be and my metabolism is slow”

Find a Way, Not an Excuse

Begrudgingly, I decided those obnoxious quotes about excuses where probably right. I realized it was time to stop the excuses and to do something about my health and weight and make a plan.

There is no one right way to diet and so many ways to go about it. I found the key is to find something that works for you and stick to it. Since I am a trained Project Manager, I decided that I would tackle this the way I knew best – as an improvement project for myself!  I drew up my own personal Weight Loss Project Charter and outlined my DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) steps to get ‘er done!  

Next time: The “Healthy Me Project”

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How to SWOT Your Way to a Healthier Weight

SWOT AnalysisThere’s no doubt about it – Americans are getting bigger. According to the CDC, 31.7 percent of men, 33.9 percent of women and 25.8 percent of children are obese, and those numbers, like our waistlines, are growing each year.

With the U.S. topping the list of the world’s ten most obese countries, it’s no wonder Americans spend more than $60 billion a year trying to lose weight. In addition to that, more than $147 billion dollars are spent annually to treat obesity and related health issues.

Clearly, we are on the fast track to becoming the shapeless, chair-bound blobs as seen in the 2009 Pixar hit Wall-E. Depressing? Yes. Inevitable? No. I’m going to show you how to SWOT your way to healthier habits and losing weight. So let’s get down to business.

SWOT: It’s Not Just For Business Anymore

You’re no doubt familiar with the SWOT Analysis. Before beginning a weight loss program, I encourage my patients do a Personal SWOT Analysis specifically focused around weight. It’s a great exercise that highlights areas of strength and spotlights potential problems. Once you have a more complete picture, you can create a solid plan to reach your goal.

Strengths: List personal strengths & positive gains for losing weight.

Examples: I’m good at time management; I’m goal-oriented.

How have you been successful at changing behaviors in the past?

Losing weight will help me feel more energetic, confident and attractive.

Weaknesses: List weaknesses that could be barriers to losing weight.

Examples: I struggle balancing work and play. I eat on the run/often skip meals.

What are you not good at (meal planning, getting enough sleep, relaxing)?

I have no willpower when there’s a bag of potato chips around.

Opportunities: List opportunities that can help you lose the weight.

Example: I have a gym membership (in mint condition – also add to weakness column). I have workout equipment at home (doubles as clothes hanger – also a weakness).

I can leverage technology and use a wearable device or download a phone app to help keep me on track.

I can have the physical I’ve been putting off so I can find out if there are any medical issues contributing to my weight gain.

Threats: External factors that might affect you now or in the near future.

Example: I work long hours. I frequently travel and dine out for work. I have hectic work and family schedules; I have personal or financial problems causing stress.

When I get stressed out, I drink more or eat to calm myself.

I don’t have time to cook, so I grab fast food or takeout.

Creating Your Plan

Once you’ve completed your lists, look for ways to capitalize on your strengths and opportunities to neutralize weaknesses and threats, and then draft your plan. Don’t hesitate to enlist help. Studies show that people in medically supervised programs have a much higher rate of long-term success because they have a team of experts to work with them. Here’s to your success!

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