What are “Healthy Food Options”? – Annette Klenklen Transformation

Healthy Heart FoodOne of the hardest parts of any diet is finding foods that you enjoy, and having enough variety so that you don’t become bored with the food you are eating. I hate taking my lunch to work and prefer eating at our appropriately named “Healthy Living Café”.

I discovered that you can have really good food every day and it doesn’t have to come from the salad bar. It is just a matter of choosing wisely and not being afraid to ask questions. I stick to a very basic guideline for selecting the foods when I eat out– select ones that are closer to nature and avoid processed foods and refined carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, crackers and sweets.

Here are some examples of healthy food options you can make if you just look and ask:

Mexican Protein Bowl – make it a true protein bowl with no beans, rice or fried tortilla bowls and add lots of lettuce, tomatoes and salsa

Buffalo Chicken Wrap – add extra lettuce, tomatoes, onions grilled chicken with half scoop of Buffalo sauce only, no wrap, no chips or fries and select a fruit instead

Noodle Bowl – instead of noodles, I ask for shredded cabbage instead and load up on vegetables and then make it spicy to add more flavors!

Friday Fish Fry –  I select the baked fish and vegetables over anything fried and use lemon instead of tartar sauce

Extra Tips for Healthier Options

Ask the chef or server to customize your dish by increasing the vegetables and cut back or eliminate any refined carbohydrates.

Ask how the sauces were prepared, and skip them if they contain sugar and/or gluten.

Finally, don’t forget to drink plenty of water!  Your body needs to be hydrated and drinking water helps to purge your body of toxins that could be stopping you from losing weight. 

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